Martini Without Vermouth?

Q: Can I make a martini if I don't have vermouth?

A: Absolutely. Many people request their martini without vermouth. Feel free to refer to this page for more a more in depth explanation on the martini:

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May 30, 2014
Really? NEW
by: Anonymous

It's called a martini because it incorporates Martini and Rossi vermouth!

Aug 29, 2011
Likes the taste of gin
by: Anonymous

After sixty years of martinis in one form or another I prefer a Gibson. Ordinarily I use Noilly Prat dry vermouth (a few drops), and I would never use any gin but Beefeater. I like it up, shaken, and with a sweet onion. (You can order them online from McSweet's.) When I was still able to get them, I used sweet pickled cipolinis. I would not use vodka, partly because it's almost always just grain alcohol, and the real stuff like Stolichnaya is too strong-tasting.
I know many Martiniphiles like Boissiere and I might try it next time. I"m currently looking for a vermouth substitute, as I'm living in Beijing, and though I can buy Beefeater at Jenny Lou's, vermouth doesn't live here.. Maybe a fume blanc?


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