The Place To Hang Out - Your Own Indoor Home Bar

An indoor home bar, your other home entertainment center. When you're just starting to make cocktails, a kitchen counter top should suffice for mixing martinis. A little cabinet space for your liquor is perfect.

As you begin to make martinis at home with more frequency, eventually you will want to set up a special cocktail making area in your home. A place to gather with your friends or significant other and converse about the day over a cocktail. Aptly enough, this functional furniture piece is called a home bar.

For people seeking the perfect leisure accessories for their house, an indoor home bar is becoming a popular choice. It's the place to make your evening nightcap when you need to unwind. And it's ideal for those who like to entertain.

Ever notice when you have dinner party how everyone likes to socialize in the kitchen?

This is fun, but can be distracting when you are in the middle of cooking and trying to put it all together. An indoor home bar gives everyone another place to congregate.

It's also an ideal spot to display your hor d'oeuvres. People can refill their drink and graze on your goodies.

Home bars are attractive pieces of furniture that come in a variety of floor plans, styles, and features to suit your needs. If your not into constructing your own bar, see some examples of indoor home bars that you can assemble with minimal hassle. Bars usually include an armrest that spans the length of the bar which makes it comfortable to lean against. A foot rail is another common feature that adds to comfort. An indoor home bar should have some shelving to store essentials like liquor, napkins, and cocktail making tools.

You may want to consider a small refridgerator to store things like white wine, beer, mint for mojitos, fruit for cocktails, etc. A glass rack to hang wine and martini glasses. A bar sink is nice for dumping used ice and rinsing out your shaker tins. If you decide you want a sink you will add to the complexity of the project due to plumbing. Also consider electrical outlets if you want to be able to use appliances like a blender for making your favorite daiquiri recipe.

Other questions you will want to think about:

What is my budget?
Is this something I can build myself or will I need to hire professional help?
What theme do I want to create for my indoor home bar?
Do I want a draft beer system?
What kind of space do I have to work with?

With a little planing, you will have an indoor home bar that will look fabulous. Your house will become your friends favorite new neighborhood bar.

Home Bar Plan and HardwareHome Bar Plan and Hardware
This traditional frame and panel design includes two drawers, two doors and a dry sink. Authentic wall mirror unit displays and stores glasses and bottles.

Full size patterns for all shaped piece..

Home Bar Plan and Hardware