How To Throw A Cocktail Party

I couldn't write about making martinis at home without talking about how to throw a cocktail party. The type of cocktail party that will have your guests asking when is the next one, we can't wait. Party meisters, this one is for you. After all, being the king or queen of your domain, you should hold court from time to time.

We all have our memories of when we first started partying. For me it was the high school keger. Some friends of mine would put them together. We would invite all our friends and pretty much see who could drink the most beer. I am sure some of you may have similar points of entry into the world of revelry. Eventually we grow and move on to bigger and better things.

As our tastes expand, we look for new, entertaining experiences and eventually come across the cocktail party. We are generally ready for a cocktail party when we are as equally stimulated by an engaging conversation as we are by a stiff drink. A friend or relative takes us to one, and we think to ourselves "Wow, this is pretty happening." Perhaps we even start taking mental notes so when we are ready we will know how to throw a cocktail party too. I like them because the ladies always look so foxy. And I am sure the ladies appreciate us fellas breaking out of the t-shirt and jeans routine from time to time. They are also much more intimate than partying at the bars.

Below are tips I have learned about how to throw a cocktail party. I have picked up this information by working as a caterer at cocktailing events. And by being a guest on some fun occasions. (Being a guest is the better of the two.) Generally, cocktail parties have some or all of these components:

Cocktails of course! Click here for punch recipes

Cocktail Party Food

Cocktail Party Music

Invite the party people

Wear swanky attire, and for extra fun, create a theme

The link above takes you to my list of party planning ideas which I admit is a little whimpy. If you really want to come up with some really fun ideas I recommend you check out this site by

Joseph Peters check out this site by Joseph Peters. He answers all the most common questions and a lot of questions I would have thought of. The whole goal is to reduce the stress of planning and ensure that your guests can't stop talking about what a good time they had.

How To Throw A Cocktail Party Quick Tips

Ambiance is key. When trying to evoke just the right mood think of your favorite restaurant or bar. Think of how you feel when you're there. What is it about the space that makes you feel this way? Lighting? The look and feel of the place? Music? How you are greeted? Use your five senses and check out my other resource page with interior design tips. You don't have shell out a bunch of dough or invite an interior decorator over to come up with style-savvy home decorating ideas. For instance:

Dim over-head lights and use candles strategically. People always feel more attrative in candle light. Use candles to cozy up the dark corners of your room, not to light the place up like a cathedral.

Light up a pleasant, mild incense stick and get some grooves going.

Be a good greeter. You may have people coming over who are not long time friends. Many people who have a "Am I at the right place" phobia. This is an uncomfortable situation that many of us have been in. Be a good host and help people make the grand entrance they deserve.

Have a smoking policy. Think of the "I only smoke when I drink crowd." I wish I had a dime for everytime I heard that one. Where is smoking allowed - in the house, outside, front porch? Make sure ashtrays are available so you don't have to clean up a pile of cigarette butts.

Be respectful of your neighbors. If you live in close proximity to others, let them know whats going on ahead of time. And be aware of noise levels.

Think ahead about your parking situation. You could potentially have a fleet of cars headed in your direction alla the movie Swingers. Suggest appropriate places to park for your guests.

As the night winds down, keep an eye out for your friends that may have had too much of a good thing. Be prepared to call a cab or offer some couch space.

I hope these how to throw a cocktail party pages have helped you. If you have questions or would like to share a story or tip please use the contact page.