Cozy Up In The Winter Time With These Hot Drinks

Take the chill off with these steaming, hot drinks. When making these winter time drinks, it's a nice touch to warm up the vessel (snifter, coffee mug, etc.) first by pouring hot water into it for a moment.

Since the vessel is pre-heated, it won't draw the warmth from the cocktail, keeping it warmer longer. This in not a mandatory step, but it does demonstrate extra care which is always appreciated. It is definitely a bummer to anticipate a nice hot drink and receive a luke warm one.

One important safety note. Never make one of these hot drinks in a glass that is not tempered for heat, or else it could break on you. With that said lets get down to it.


It's so beautiful. Careful with this one, it could be considered an aphrodisiac.

1oz Grand Marnier
1oz Courvoisier

This drink is served neat (no ice) in a snifter glass. A Beautiful can be served at room temperature, but it is most often requested heated. A cool way to present this is as follows: Pour hot water into a rocks glass until the water reaches about a 1/2 inch from the top. Once you have mixed your Beautiful into a snifter, rest it at a nearly horizontal angle on top of the rocks glass filled with hot water. The hot steam acts as a warming agent for the cocktail.


1/2oz Baileys
1/2oz Frangelico
1/2oz Kaluhacoffee

Another popular one here. Simply pour ingredients in to a coffee mug, top off with hot coffee and whip cream and you are good to go. Quick and easy.

Blueberry Tea

1oz amaretto
1oz Grand Marnier
Orange Tea bag
hot water

Many recipes for hot drinks call for coffee, but not this one. Pour amaretto and Grand Marnier into a snifter, then top off with the hot water and let the orange tea bag steep. If you would like this cocktail to be sweeter it is not uncommon to sugar the rim of the snifter.

Coffee Nudge

3/4oz brandy
3/4oz dark creme de cacao
3/4oz coffee liqueur

Pour ingredients into a coffee glass, fill with hot coffee and top off with whip cream. Garnish with a sprinkle of coco powder. For a different garnish, it also looks cool to drizzle a little bit of the coffee liqueur on top of the whip cream.

Hot Toddy

This libation is known for it's ability to sooth common winter time ailments such as a sore throat.

1 1/2oz brandy, you can sub bourbon if you prefer
1/2oz fresh lemon juice
spoon full of honey - more or less depending on how sweet you like it.
Hot water

Mix the ingredients into a coffee mug and fill with hot water. Stir it up to diffuse the honey. If your feeling snazzy, garnish with a lemon twist and or a cinnomon stick. Sip and feel comforted.

Irish Coffee

1 1/2oz Irish Whiskey - Jameson or Bushmills or common choices
1 sugar cube

One of the easiest hot drinks to make. Just drop one sugar cube into your coffee mug. Pour your Irish Whiskey, and top off with hot coffee. Garnish with whip cream and a sprinkle of coca powder.

Spanish Coffee

One of the most popular hot drinks. This is a drink that always impresses people. Why? Because now you're playing with fire! When you make a Spanish Coffee, suddenly everyone wants one for themselves because it can be a spectacle to watch one being made. In fact, there is a bar in Portland, OR that specializes in the preparation of this cocktail called Huber's. It is all about the showmanship. However, the first few times you make this drink take it slow. Here's what you do:

1/2oz Bacardi 151
3/4oz coffee liqueur
3/4oz triple sec

Rim the coffee mug with sugar. Next pour 1/2oz Bacardi 151 into the mug. 151 refers to the proof of the alcohol, and as you can imagine it is highly flammable, so take a little care.

Now we are going to light the 151 on fire. I like to use one of those long fire place lighters that are about 5 inches long rather than a cigarette lighter. This way they is little chance of getting your hand burned. The purpose of igniting this drink is:

One - To warm up the glass.
Two - To caramelize the sugar on the rim of the glass.

O.K., so now your drink is on fire. Just a small flame though. If you sprinkle a dash of cinnanom into the flame, a few sparks will shoot up. This is part of the showmanship, but not necessary until you get more comfortable with the procedure. Hold the mug at about a 45 degree angle and slowly rotate. The flame will just be touching the top of the rim. By rotating, you ensure that each section of the sugar rim gets warmed up. The mug will start getting hotter so only rotate the mug a few times and set it back down. Now pour the triple sec and coffee liqueur. Do not hold you hands too close to the pour spouts, because they will be too close to the flame. After you pour the booze, your flame has probably been extinguished. Top the drink off with hot coffee and finish with whip cream. A sprinkle of coco powder as a garnish. Yum!

Keep a small butter plate handy. If for any reason you need to extinguish the flame while making this hot drink, simply place the butter plate on top of the mug cutting off the flow of air. Take whatever other precautions you think are necessary to make this a safe experience.

I hope this hot drinks help you stay warm all winter long. I can see you already with coffee mug in hand, curled up in front of the fire place.