Cocktail Making Tools For Your Home Bar

Every trade has it's tools. Here is a quick list of all the cocktail making tools you may want to consider stocking your home bar with. Also be sure to check out the Make Martini Bar Store.

It's not essential to have all of these from the start. Just start out with the basics and add from there as you get more into it.

Out of all of these cocktail making tools you could probably get going with just a shaker, strainer, and a muddle at the very least. Some of the other items, such as a wine key are things that most people already have around the house anyway. Click on the cocktail shaker kit below to see a selection of cocktail making tools. You can get started with the essentials for under $20.

3 Piece Cocktail Shaker Kit

Bar Towel - Making drinks can get messy. Ice melts, drinks spill, your hands get wet, liquids fly, well you get the idea. Keep a towel around to keep things dry.

Blender - If like the occasional daiquiri, or blended margarita, you need one of these cocktail making tools. Fortunately most people already have one hanging around the house.

Boston Shaker - This is the type of shaker that you see used at bars. After you have poured your cocktail ingredients into a pint glass, use the Boston Shaker to cap the pint glass and shake. If you are planning on making a lot of drinks, it's handy to have more than one of these laying around.

Champagne Bottle Cap - A device used to cap a champagne bottle to keep the bubbles fresh if you are not going to drink all the contents in one go.

Cocktail napkins - It's classy to keep these around, and they prevent stains on your counter tops.

Cocktail spoon - Long spoon used for stirring a martini. It can also be helpful in layering a drink.

Hand citrus juicer - These are great for juicing just the right amount of fresh juice for individual cocktails.

Hawthorne Strainer - Standard barware here. Use this cocktail making tool to strain the contents of your mixed cocktail into the proper glass. The Hawthorne Straniner has a a coil or spring that fits right on top of your mixing glass and prevents ice cubes, mint, seeds, ect., from floating into your cocktail when you strain it.

Jigger - Used in measuring liquor proportions. The jigger is a 1 1/2oz measure, which is the standard measure when pouring a drink. We don't want to get too hammered too fast do we?

Juicer - For making juice in larger batches. The fresher the juice the better the cocktail.

Muddler - This cocktail making tool is a stick that is about six inches long, rounded on one end and flat on the other. Use the flat end to mash solid cocktail ingredients in your pint glass. Use it to muddle lemons, limes, mint, strawberries, or whatever else a reciepe calls for.

Olive pics - Use these to skewer olives for martinis, onions for gibsons, etc.

Pour Spouts - These make controlling the pouring of liquor much easier. You see a wide variety of pour spouts. I like the tapered, chrome ones that have the black plactic fitting that allows a snug fit into liquor bottles. When pouring out of these spouts, count 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000 and you will have poured about 1 1/2oz of liquor.

Small Ice Bucket - Load it up with ice so you don't have to continually have to run to the freezer for more ice. A pair of ice tongs or scooper should accompany your bucket. Always use the scoop to fill your glass with ice rather than using the glass to scoop ice. Doing this presents the opportunity for chards of glass to break into your ice.

Store and Pour Container - This is a fun and versatile tool. These are plastic containers that hold a quart of liquid. They have two interchangeable tops. One is flat that screws on when storing something in the fridge. The other is a pour spout attachment. This tool is perfect for storing and pouring juices and sweet 'n sour mixes for your cocktails. Chefs in kitchens often use them for pouring olive oil, wine, and dressings when they are cooking.

Wine Key or Opener - Let the wine flow! Opens wine, opens beer bottles, and the small knife on one end can be helpful in cutting through the wrapping that is used to seal some bottles of liquor.

Zester - This is the tool that lets you make the perfect lemon twist for you martini.

With these cocktail making tools, you will be cranking out the cocktails in no time.