Mechanics – You Would Be Surprised What They Know

Those of you who know me will know that I’ve never had any interest in cars or mechanics. As long as I can jump behind the wheel and head off to the store or the gym or wherever I want to go, I’m a happy girl.

So when I had to take my car to the garage the other day, I was a bit surprised at the amount I learned about the running of an engine, and I have to admit, although I’ll never become a huge fan of cars, it was a lot more interesting than I’d expected!

It all began when I decided to take my car to the mechanic shop for a bit of a tune up. I’d noticed that it wasn’t running quite as smoothly as it used to, and I thought it was better to be safe than sorry, after all, I didn’t want to be left stranded in the mall car park with bags full of shopping!

I don’t think the mechanic was very impressed when I told him how long it had been since I’d had my car serviced, if all that tutting and shaking of heads was anything to go by! Anyway, it turned out that the fuel injectors needed a good clean, and I was treated to a long lecture about how important it is to do this regularly for the health and smooth running of your car.

Why Are Fuel Injector Cleaners Important?

Well, that’s a good question! According to my long-suffering mechanic, the car’s fuel injection system does just that, injects fuel into your car’s motor to make it work. Its purpose is to ensure that the motor gets the right amount of fuel whenever you change speed to improve energy efficiency. A fuel injector cleaner should be used regularly to prevent your car’s fuel injectors becoming blocked or dirty, preventing them from closing or opening or developing leaks. Fuel injector cleaners remove rust and other debris so that your car has optimal gas consumption while giving you good mileage. Wow, I bet you never thought I’d remember all that!

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The long and short of it was that the mechanic recommended a whole bunch of different products and suggested that I didn’t leave it so long between cleans next time. Here are some of his recommendations:

BG 44K

BG 44K

This long-standing brand is one of my mechanic’s go-to brands. Designed to be used exclusively with gas powered engines, it cleans quickly and removes residue and rust from the injectors. This product contains no alcohol and can be used with all kinds of fuel additives. My mechanic promises that it’s a cost effective cleaning solution and is ideal for rectifying all kinds of problems like stalling and power loss.

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Chevron Techron

Chevron Techron

My mechanic described this cleaner as a complete cleaner since it protects your engine as well as stabilizing it and reducing all kinds of problems. It can restore lost functionality of your engine while cleaning valves, fuel injectors, carburettors and combustion chambers in super fast time. Its long lasting results last for up to a year and it’s great for use on cars that have been lacking in TLC (like mine!)

Red Line SI-1

Red Line SI-1

In the end, this was the brand I chose for my car. Known to be an accurate performer, this cleaner works immediately as soon as it’s applied and can be used regularly without causing any damage. It can remove rust and residue on all components of the vehicle’s fuel management system and its PEA content is known to be excellent at cleaning fuel injectors. I chose this product because it is not only good value but it also contains cylinder lubricants which my mechanic promises will prevent leakages occurring. I’m sure that’s a good thing – even though I’m not sure where my car’s cylinders are! The good news is that my car is running much better now, so kudos to my mechanic who managed to teach me something about a subject I never thought I know anything about, and kudos to me for remembering most of it!

Now… where would I find my car’s fuel injectors again?!

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