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Facials At Home

While there’s nothing quite like going to a spa for a facial, it’s still possible to get smoother and softer skin in the comfort of your own home by carrying out your own recreation of the professional facial experience. If you’re up for a bit of self-pampering, follow this helpful advice, and you could improve the appearance of your skin in your own bedroom.

Don’t Take Shortcuts

You wouldn’t expect the therapist at the spa to take any shortcuts, so if you want a truly professional-looking result, you shouldn’t skimp on steps or products either. Always exfoliate, cleanse your pores and use rehydrating and skin calming products.

face exfoliation

Use a gentle enzyme peel or scrub to remove any dead skin on your face and to unclog your pores. Apply but don’t rinse it off immediately. You should steam clean first. Of course you’re unlikely to have a professional standard skin steamer at home, but another way of achieving the same effect is to run your wash cloth under very hot water, squeeze it out then place it gently over your face and allow to rest for a while. The steam and enzymes then work in conjunction to open up your pores for a more thorough clean.

Use A Clay Mask

Clay masks are good for cleansing your pores and removing any skin impurities. When carrying out a DIY facial allow the clay mask to set for a minimum of quarter of an hour, however don’t allow it to become crumbly and too dried out. Once you’re ready to remove the mask, repeat your steam wash cloth process again.

Use A Hydrating Mask

Once you have completed your clay mask, it’s time for a hydrating facial mask. The clay allows moisturizers to penetrate your skin more effectively as all of the debris and impurities have now been removed, so the hydrating mask will have the best possible result. Once it is ready, use cool rather than hot water to rinse it away.

Moisturize And Massage

face massagemnn

The best way to seal in your hydrating mask is to use a quality moisturizer. You can use the one you use every day, however don’t rush. Always take plenty of time to apply it to your skin, massing it in thoroughly using the right technique. Always move your hands upwards when massaging your face – pulling the skin downwards is not a good idea.

Never Pop Blemishes

Even if you find spots, blemishes or blackheads on your skin you should never pop or squeeze them. It will most likely result in further break outs or even an unpleasant infection which will take ages to clear up. Resist the temptation to squeeze and it will go away in its own good time leaving your skin looking clear and flawless.
Follow these DIY facial tips, and you’ll be able to recreate a spa experience yourself at a fraction of the cost, while still enjoying pretty impressive results. Your face is sure to thank you!

Mechanics – You Would Be Surprised What They Know

Those of you who know me will know that I’ve never had any interest in cars or mechanics. As long as I can jump behind the wheel and head off to the store or the gym or wherever I want to go, I’m a happy girl.

So when I had to take my car to the garage the other day, I was a bit surprised at the amount I learned about the running of an engine, and I have to admit, although I’ll never become a huge fan of cars, it was a lot more interesting than I’d expected!

It all began when I decided to take my car to the mechanic shop for a bit of a tune up. I’d noticed that it wasn’t running quite as smoothly as it used to, and I thought it was better to be safe than sorry, after all, I didn’t want to be left stranded in the mall car park with bags full of shopping!

I don’t think the mechanic was very impressed when I told him how long it had been since I’d had my car serviced, if all that tutting and shaking of heads was anything to go by! Anyway, it turned out that the fuel injectors needed a good clean, and I was treated to a long lecture about how important it is to do this regularly for the health and smooth running of your car.

Why Are Fuel Injector Cleaners Important?

Well, that’s a good question! According to my long-suffering mechanic, the car’s fuel injection system does just that, injects fuel into your car’s motor to make it work. Its purpose is to ensure that the motor gets the right amount of fuel whenever you change speed to improve energy efficiency. A fuel injector cleaner should be used regularly to prevent your car’s fuel injectors becoming blocked or dirty, preventing them from closing or opening or developing leaks. Fuel injector cleaners remove rust and other debris so that your car has optimal gas consumption while giving you good mileage. Wow, I bet you never thought I’d remember all that!

How often should an oil change be done? Find out the answer when you visit

The long and short of it was that the mechanic recommended a whole bunch of different products and suggested that I didn’t leave it so long between cleans next time. Here are some of his recommendations:

BG 44K

BG 44K

This long-standing brand is one of my mechanic’s go-to brands. Designed to be used exclusively with gas powered engines, it cleans quickly and removes residue and rust from the injectors. This product contains no alcohol and can be used with all kinds of fuel additives. My mechanic promises that it’s a cost effective cleaning solution and is ideal for rectifying all kinds of problems like stalling and power loss.

Check this page and learn more about the best fuel system cleaning kits available.

Chevron Techron

Chevron Techron

My mechanic described this cleaner as a complete cleaner since it protects your engine as well as stabilizing it and reducing all kinds of problems. It can restore lost functionality of your engine while cleaning valves, fuel injectors, carburettors and combustion chambers in super fast time. Its long lasting results last for up to a year and it’s great for use on cars that have been lacking in TLC (like mine!)

Red Line SI-1

Red Line SI-1

In the end, this was the brand I chose for my car. Known to be an accurate performer, this cleaner works immediately as soon as it’s applied and can be used regularly without causing any damage. It can remove rust and residue on all components of the vehicle’s fuel management system and its PEA content is known to be excellent at cleaning fuel injectors. I chose this product because it is not only good value but it also contains cylinder lubricants which my mechanic promises will prevent leakages occurring. I’m sure that’s a good thing – even though I’m not sure where my car’s cylinders are! The good news is that my car is running much better now, so kudos to my mechanic who managed to teach me something about a subject I never thought I know anything about, and kudos to me for remembering most of it!

Now… where would I find my car’s fuel injectors again?!

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Exercise Bike – Yes or No?

People who know me will be aware that I spend a reasonable amount of time at the gym, but sometimes, like anyone, I just don’t have time to get out of the house and dedicate a couple of hours to working out. That’s why I’ve been debating the idea of getting an exercise bike for some time now – it would complement the time I spend in the gym while giving me all of the convenience of working out at home.

When I mentioned this to my readers, they suggested all kinds of different makes and models that they thought that I should try, but one was recommended more than any other – the Peloton. If I’m honest, I’d never heard of it, so I did a bit of research.

The Peloton is similar to an indoor Spin bike made from aluminum and carbon steel together with a front weighted flywheel to determine your resistance level. It’s pretty heavy, weighing 135 lbs, and it definitely isn’t something you could move or assemble yourself – you have to rely on the home delivery service.

exercise bike

This exercise bike certainly doesn’t come cheap at a squeak under $2000, and that’s before you consider any add-ons such as the compatible cycling shoes with their special cleats and a floor mat to protect your flooring. Another cost to factor in is the monthly fee if you want the on demand live Peloton classes – and really that’s the whole appeal of this bike. The videos are streamed via a 22” touch screen fixed onto the bike itself. All the content is 1080p HD which looks great, but the speakers aren’t so good as they aren’t really directed at the rider.

For added convenience, you can use the Peloton iOS app to stream the videos on an iPad or iPhone and this means you can use a different exercise bike while following along, however you won’t get the same experience – as it won’t be connected to your bike you won’t be able to see your cycling metrics.

There are as many as 14 live classes each day, as well as more than 5000 on-demand classes. You can choose from different lengths, styles, intensities, instructors and even music, and on the lower part of the screen’s display you’ll see all of your vitals stats such as resistance, exertion level, output and heart rate. If you’re using the live stream, you can also compete against the other participants.

There’s no doubt about the convenience of the Peloton. Without ever having to get in the car and drive to the gym, I could simply hop out of bed, jump on my bike and join in with a class that fits in with my available time. Another appealing element is the different instructors you can choose from. Their personalities make a big difference, and making it much more fun to work out at home. While you might be bored using any old stationary exercise bike, the interactive element makes the Peloton a lot more interesting to use meaning that it’s less likely to end up in the garage gathering dust.

The integrated Blutooth heart rate straps mean you can check your heart rate as you cycle and as it connects to apps such as Fitbit you can share your progress while the microphone and camera built into the tablet allow members to video chat with each other.

fitbit abb
After all my research, I have to admit I’m pretty impressed by the concept of the Peloton, but with its super high price tag, I think I might give it a miss – I could almost buy a car for that price, although at least the Peloton doesn’t need fuel injector cleaners to run!